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At Anna Maria Mazaraki we are proud of our jewelry, and the craftsmanship that goes into creating our products. It’s why we offer repair all products purchased from our stores throughout Greece and Cyprus. Within 6 months of purchase, any item is repaired free of charge pending proof of purchase (receipt, replacement card, etc). The jewelry will then undergo an evaluation by a technician, and be either repaired or replaced.

We reserve the right to not accept a product for inspection, repair, or replacement without the appropriate proof of purchase, or if the customer is acting against our company’s terms and conditions.

If your jewelry shows some fault, or is damaged, you can do the following:

1)    Deliver the item to one of our stores during their normal operating hours, without an appointment

2)    Contact us at 2106848300

3)    Contact us through our email [email protected] and we’ll help get your repairs started

Please keep in mind, repairs can take up to 30 business days from when we first receive the jewelry. Please be aware and plan accordingly.

In the case where your jewelry requires repair, and you bring it in after 6 months of purchase, you may be charged for the repairs.

The full list of repair costs is thus:

If part of the product is missing or broken, it is required that customers have all components of the product upon delivery to the store. All of the above apply only when the products, stones, or motifs can be replaced by our service and supplies last.


For more information regarding repairs, please browse the above price list.



Products returned within two (2) months of purchase can be replaced for free, should the repair prove unfeasible after inspection by a technician.

In this case, you can do the following:

1)    Turn over your jewelry to one of our stores without an appointment during store hours

2)    Contact us at 2106848300

3)    Contact us through an email at [email protected] and we will guide you through the repair process

In the event of a replacement, the shipping cost must be paid by the receiver, amounting to a 7€ courier cost with ACS.  Before you send your jewelry, please ensure you send us an email and get a confirmation to begin the replacement process*.


To mail an item you must insure them for your own benefit, and send them through certified mail to the appropriate address. Anna Maria Mazaraki S.A. does not bear any responsibility for any damages, losses or thefts that may occur during transit.


For more information regarding repairs and replacements, you can contact one of our stores or call us at 2106848300.


*In the event wherein you do not receive an email from our company upon request, please ensure you have correctly sent us your details, or check your spam folder.