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Product Care Instructions

Silver is a metal that is prone to oxidizing. To make it last longer and have greater durability, it’s plated or gilded. However, through regular use and skin contact, this covering layer is eroded, leaving silver dull and without its signature shine and color.

To prevent this, you need to do some regular upkeep on silver to keep it from getting tarnished. No one wants wearing something uninspiring; so here are some tips to take good care of your silver jewelry.

1)      As women, we love to take care of ourselves, but don’t forget to remove your jewelry before you bathe or put on skincare products or lotions.

2)      Planning on spraying some fragrance or cologne? Do it before putting on your jewelry.

3)      Salt water and chlorine are both bad for silver – make sure you take your silver pieces off before you go swimming.

4)      Do you enjoy exercise? Make sure you take off your jewelry before working out, as sweat can damage the silver plating.

5)      Sleep sound and safe without wearing silver, as it’s always in danger of knocking against something, or even hurting you.

6)      Housework is necessary to keep your house clean, but it’s very bad for jewelry. Make sure that your silver doesn’t come into contact with cleaning products.

7)      Even when not worn, your jewelry requires some attention to stay pristine. Keep them in their purse to avoid them getting tangled up or banged against other pieces.