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A fragrance is more than a smell. It brings back memories and emotions that remain untouchable in time. Every woman’s perfume tells so much about her identity and is a means that helps her express and highlight her personality and inner beauty. An alluring fragrance makes your presence known and has the power to arouse the senses.

We make our perfumes in a family owned workshop in the international centre of haute perfumerie, in Grasse, France. Our perfumiers worked with our team for more than a year to create Gold Rose, Yellow Gold, Silver and Bronze, all unique Anna Maria Mazaraki perfumes made with the finest of ingredients. Explore our women perfumes collection and discover four different scents that are able to satisfy each woman’s wishes. The unique scent of our perfumes, come out in three successive levels, and is what makes them so special:

The 1st level, “Top Notes” is the first sensation that the fragrance creates and it lasts for 5 - 30 minutes on the skin
The 2nd level, “Middle Notes”, emerges right after “Top Notes” and it is the perfume’s “heart”, releasing a warm-pleasant smell.
Last but not least, there is the 3rd level, “Base Notes”, and is the most essential part of the perfume’s scent that lasts for hours.


  1. Rose Gold: For the Romantic Girl Rose
    Gold perfume, flowery with vanilla, rose and magnolia notes. 50ML.
  2. Bronze: Captivatingly Breezy
    Bronze perfume, fresh with cedar wood, jasmine and violet notes. 50ML.
  3. Silver: Mysterious with an Oriental Note
    Silver perfume, sweet and spicy with vanilla, orange blossom and pink peppercorn notes. 50ML.
  4. Yellow Gold: Elegance and Luxury
    Yellow Gold perfume, intense with amber, rose and bergamot notes. 50ML.


Rose Gold Perfume
Bronze Perfume
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