No matter how much we wish to stay in summer, September is here to stay. To help you get over your summer mood and help cope with others still enjoying a late vacation, we put together a list of all-new must-have jewelry!

Time to upgrade your outfits.

Because in the summer we’re usually more “breezy” and don’t wear as heavy jewelry, use the start of Autumn to refresh your wardrobe and jewelry box. Light jackets with crop tops or linen blazers with tank tops can be easily combined with a statement piece to great effect.  

Leave behind your summertime looks for the new season. Off with the macramé bracelets and long earrings with inlaid gems. Replace them with minimalist bracelets with small pearls or grey semi-precious stones.

Combine thick chain bracelets (a trend that never goes out of style) with impressive zircon over your organza shirts!

The earrings that accompany your daily looks are none others than the studs. Use our large variety of motifs, like white gold-plated moon and star shapes, to give your outfits a personal touch.