After staying inside for so long, clearing out our houses from unnecessary things is normal. But just because we’re making space doesn’t mean we should discard everything.

Especially for jewelry and accessories, it’s easy to go overboard and either hoard every piece ever bought, or casually discard them after a single wear.

As you do your summer cleaning, here are our suggestions for the 4 jewelry that you should never give up and can be worn with every outfit you wear.

1)   Chain Necklaces

A 90’s trend that’s come back into fashion! Chain necklaces can be worn in multiples for a strong impression and a bold outfit.

2)   Chevalier Rings

A timeless choice, chevalier rings are easy-to-wear and combine into outfits. Wearing one is enough to give any outfit a sophisticated touch.

3)   Bangle-cuff Bracelets

Bangle-cuff bracelets are some of the earlier jewelry designed, and they remain enduringly popular because of that. They are incredibly versatile, and wonderful for those looking to wear a simpler summer dress or pastel suit with a chic look.

4)   Hoop Earrings

Small hoop earrings are must-have pieces for any jewelry box! They are necessary for fun but subtle outfits, or those looking to add a small flash of color to their look.