Male accessories are a fast-growing part of the fashion industry, as more men warm up to them and start dressing fashionably.

Beyond the classic accessories of sunglasses, cuff links, and handkerchiefs, men are starting to look for more flashes of style they can incorporate into their outfits. Bracelets and necklaces are the most recent companions when trying to “dress to impress” in their styling.


For the discerning man, bracelets are a great way to bring out more of their personal style. Give them a gift of a semi-precious stones bracelet to pair with dress shirts, or a macrame bracelets for a casual athletic style.


If you want to take male style to the next level, be bolder still.

A mao shirt paired with blue pants and oxford shoes is wonderfully accompanied by a macrame hematite accessory and finished with a grey and blue belt.

Black hematite and bronze colored stones complete excellently a simple outfit of a black shirt worn with jeans.

Anna Maria Mazaraki suggest these combinations and more, for him to wear and both of you to enjoy!

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