Hoop earrings are a staple part of every woman’s jewelry collections, regardless of her age. It’s an inseparable accessory, favored as much by trend-setters and supermodels as everyone else.

Beloved above all else for their versatility, hoops are used in street style outfits, everyday ensembles, and glamorous night-out looks.

Over the years, we’ve seen hoops in so many varieties: oversized, thin, small hoops, strass adorned, with motifs, and many more. And every time they’re exciting to wear. 

You can even create a magnificent layering effect by wearing a large to medium hoop, and then pairing it with a medium to small hoop or an ear cuff.

If you’re looking for the all-purpose jewelry to save any outfit, your search might be over.

Wear thin silver hoops in the morning with slouchy jeans and a cut out top. For the afternoon, pair ear cuffs (or go alternative with a resin look) with a floral dress. Go out at night with something bolder; large gold hoops.

Here at Anna Maria Mazaraki we know that one pair is never enough though. So here are some of the hoops we suggest for that fashionable look:

1)   Impressive

2) Day to Night

3) Layer them

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