These past few months have been particularly hard for everyone. Despite this, weddings and baptisms are still happening, even if with smaller crowds.

By paying a bit more attention and being more wary in our everyday life, we’re all slowly adapting to this new reality, and celebrate these momentous occasions with the people we love.

We recently suggested some jewelry ideas for you to wear yourself to these events, so here are some more ideas, this time for gifts.

Giving a gift to your baby’s new godmother or your bridesmaids/groomsmen is a very important gesture. Its symbolism is unmistakable, showing your appreciation for them and all they’ve agreed to. Don’t let the day come and go without an appropriate gift.

After the baptism, godmothers become the spiritual parents of the children. They are theologically one of the family, and are responsible for supporting the child and parents.

Choosing someone as a child’s godparent shows respect and love, as they will be protecting the child from then on. Because of this, the choice of gift is very important, and must match the day’s importance.

At Anna Maria Mazaraki we have worked long and hard to find the perfect gifts for you.

We suggest nothing less than timeless pieces. Gold is the standard material, with its own symbolism of longevity and great importance. It does not age and remains ever fashionable.

Choose a subtle set of K14 earrings, a minimalist K9 necklace, or “Nona” bracelets (the Greek word for godmother) to impress. These will remain forever close to her heart.

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