The much-beloved “Cyclades” collection is back!

Your favorite evil eye with thin chain links has returned, more stylish than ever. With pink enamel, mint green, white, and black, this is the most chic choice for a subtle statement this summer.

Complement the chic of the colored enamel with a relaxed boho style, with the “Cyclades” string necklaces.

The best-selling “Cyclades” collection has been improved once more, with the newly added pull clasp.

It serves a dual purpose of being functional and a stylish motif.

Starring geometric shapes and irregular figures like drops, feathers and crosses alongside summertime staples like fish and starfish, the “Cyclades” collection has something ideal just for you.

Combine them with a strapless top, a maxi linen dress, or a short wrapping dress for a killer outfit.

They’re also great alongside a 925 silver enamel bracelet in rose gold or yellow gold colors.