As we start Autumn, everyone prepares for this last part of the year in their own way. For us, Fall is all about setting new goals – even in a year as unpredictable and upsetting as 2020.

So, after all that we’ve been through in the past few months, we wanted to make sure we never lost touch with the people who really matter. To us, those are the wonderful women that are on the front lines of our company, our very own sales associates.

This is how we came up with a campaign to honor them and their own style. A campaign rooted in the trust and respect we have for our partners and coworkers, starring them and the way they wear the very jewelry we sell.

This new campaign is an ode to the women of this company that make it so special, and help us connect to you. Named #AMMYou, it will start in September. Here’s how it will work:

Periodically, the women in our company will create their own jewelry combinations. This will be a look that they love themselves, that they wear in-store and in their personal life.

These “themes”, as we call them in-house, is at the heart of how we envision these pieces can be worn together but are all highly personalized. Each of our these collections will be accompanied with some words from the woman who proposed it: tips, outfits to pair with, and why she chose them.

This way, all of these #AMMYou looks will be a reflection of each woman working at Anna Maria Mazaraki, and the endless passion for jewelry we all share.

Come join us in this exploration of fashion and style! See which of our associate’s style and preferences most closely matches your own, and get immersed in the new styles.

As always, we love hearing from you as well, and treasure seeing your own jewelry choices and how you incorporate them into your own style. Send us your own “themes” by mail at [email protected] or comment on our social media profiles on Facebook & Instagram @ΑnnaMariaMazaraki!