Order Process

We have tried to make this as easy as possible! The only thing you have to do is browse our pages and click “Add to basket” on any product you wish to buy and choose the required size on rings. The products appear in your shopping cart on the top right of the page. A click on your cart will transfer you to the cart page where you can change quantities, delete items and proceed to the purchase order page. In the purchase order page, you can  fill in your details for delivery (if different from your personal details ), choose your payment method and , if you think necessary, send us any other information useful for the order delivery. Please keep in mind that every order sent to our e shop can be delivered in a different address (we remember the addresses for you so that you can use them again in the future) and all orders can be accompanied by a personal message from you.

Upon submission of the order, an e-mail message is automatically returned to you listing the items ordered and the order reference code which you should retain for communication purposes. You can monitor the dispatch stages on the page “My Orders”.
Estimated delivery time: from 4 to 15 working days.